Where to Find Coupons and Flyers

Where to Find Coupons and Flyers (46)

So, here goes, the ultimate “Where to Find Canadian Coupons” list:coupons canada image

  • Grocery and department stores – You will find pads of coupons near a promoted product. For example, I find a lot of these “tearpad” coupon in my local Walmart, Save-On Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart.  Also look throughout the stores to find product displays with calendars and booklets that also contain coupons.
  • In newspapers – There are two nationally distributed coupon flyers – Redplum and Smart Source. They’re distributed about once a month. Expect to find coupons for national brands like Tide, Pampers, Arm & Hammer.
  • There is also a P&G Brandsaver insert that comes ever few months. 
  • In Magazines – look for Canadian coupons in the Clip n’ Save booklet with your Canadian magazines such as Canadian Living or Homemakers.  Or simply just on a page with an advertisement!
  • Online printable – Many companies offer coupons that you can immediately print right from your own printer, cut it out and take to your local stores. Check out our Coupons Tab to get started.
  • Online ordered – some companies run promotions where they mail coupons (for free product, or money off) to you via Canada Post. . There are also companies like Save.ca, Brandsaver.ca, Websaver.ca and GoCoupons.ca that mail out coupons that you order from their sites. (Again you’ll find brands such as Pampers, Sunlight, Betty Crocker, Cover Girl, etc) These services are completely free!
  • On or In product packaging – You can find coupons on specially marked boxes or packages that may be used for future purchases. 
  • Mailing lists – join Mailing lists of the companies that you often buy from, if they have one. When you sign up online, make sure to check the box that asks if you would like to have special coupons and offers sent to you, but only if it is a company you would like coupons from!  I also recommend having a separate email address for signing up for things like this, you wouldn’t want to clutter up your personal email!
  • Email your favourite companies- If you have a favourite product, there absolutely no harm in emailing or calling that particular company asking if they have any coupons available to mail to you!  Many companies are very willing to send coupons your way if you only ask!

    check out 51

    New Savings From Checkout 51 app

    June 27-July 23

    Potato Thins, any variety of Potato Thins, 115 g or more.
    Cash back: $2.00

    Summer Fresh hummus and dips, any variety.
    Cash back: $1.00

    Italpasta Gluten Free Pasta, 375 g box, any variety.
    Cash back: $0.50

    Italpasta Total Pasta, 375 g box, any variety.
    Cash back: $0.50

    Glad® Odor Guard® Trash Bags Any box of Glad® Odour Guard® trash bags with Febreze™ Freshness.
    Cash back: $2.00

    Kashi Blueberry Oat Clusters & Flakes, 380 g box or more.
    Cash back: $2.00

    Brita® Bottle With Filter, any Brita® Bottle purchase.
    Cash back: $3.00

    V8 V-Fusion® Smoothie, any V8 V-Fusion® Smoothie product.
    Cash back: $1.00

    Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream, any Gay Lea Real Whipped Cream.
    Cash back: $1.00

    Select Glade® Products, Buy any 2 Select Glade® Products, get $3.00 cash back. Items must appear on the same receipt. Excludes Glade® 227 g Aerosols and Glade® Solid Air Fresheners.
    Cash back: $3.00

    Hasbro: World Series of YAHTZEE Game.
    Cash back: $5.00

    Clorox2 Laundry Stain Remover, any Clorox2 Laundry Product.
    Cash back: $2.00

    free cereal  pic

    Make sure to get these great freebies while they last

    Get your coupons here http://save.ca/savingsmadedelicious


    free cereal

    free cereal

    FREE!!!!! Box of either | Honey Nut Cheerios Hearty Oat Crunch or Fibre1 Almond & Cluster Delight

    FREE!!!!! One box of the following:
    Fibre1 with protein or Nature Valley Protein or Golden Grahams Treats or Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats



    $1.00 Printable from SunRype

    sunrype juice printable 2

    Get your printable by clicking the image below


    sunrype juice printable



    break up with beef1

    It is rare to get coupons for Meat Products

    So here is your chance to get a mystery coupon from Maple Leaf Prime

    Break Up with Beef Promo you could recieve

    a FPC’s, $2 Off, $1 Off Maple Leaf Prime Products,

    This is a Mailed Coupon from websaver.ca

    Get your mystery coupon here :



    new coupons may 2

    New Coupons Found May 2013 Save On Foods BC Location

    Grill To Thrill Booklet Contains 5 coupons - All Exp Dec 31 2013
    1) $2.00 off ay VH Steamer

    2) Save $2.00 off any 2 VH Sauces

    3)Save $0.75 off any 2 Del Monte No salt added Vegetables

    4) Save $1.00 off Pam

    5)Save $1.00 off any 1 VH Korean BBQ Sauce

    Save $0.50 Off Any Bicks Product ( Hang Tag on my Hot peppers I purchased ) Exp Dec 31 2013

    Save $0.50 off Barilla Pasta Exp July 30 2013



    save on new coupons

    New Coupons Found May 2013 Save On Foods BC Location

    Dr Oetker Save $0.50 off Shrriff Pie Crust and Exp Dec 31 2014

    $0.50 off Shriff Cooked Pudding or Pie Filling Mix Dec 31 2014

    Save $0.50 off Dr Oetker Shrriff Mousse Dec 31 2013

    Save $1.00 off Starbucks 355ml Refreshers or 405ml Frappuccino or 444mlDbl Shot Energy+Coffee

    Exp Dec 31st 2013

    $1.00 Off Cracker Barrel (400-600 grams) Jalapeno Chedder or Monterey Jack or Havarti Cheese

    Exp Oct 31 2013



    inserts found at walmart

    I went to Walmart this afternoon to pick up some milk and wanted to price match a few other items.

    I forgot my Flyer for Shoppers Drug Mart,so I check the flyer wall befor entering

    and low and behold

    There they were perfect inserts in the little cubby hanging on the wall !!!!!!!

    So I scooped them up  Surprised there were still there being its Monday and they came out on Thursday

    Got a Shoppers Flyer and Off I went

    With 6 P&G Inserts and 4 Red Plum Inserts

    and a big smile on my face !

    So keep in mind when newspapers come out with inserts

    You may just find them at Walmart as they put out the adds for you to pricematch

    You never know you might just get lucky like I did.



    smart ones coupon

    Save $1 Off Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Entrees
    Get your coupon from their facebook page here

    playtex 360

    $1.00 off Playtex 360 Coupon
    Enter the Playtex 360 Contest through the Playtex 360 Canada Facebook page,
    and you will gain access to
    a printable coupon for $1 off the purchase of any Playtex 18 or 20 count tampons.
    By entering, you will also have the chance to win $300 worth of Revlon beauty products, $500 towards a day at the spa, and a 1-year subscription to Flare magazine.

    Get your coupon here


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